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X-ray / Fluoroscopy 

Fluoroscopy produces a motion X-ray of the body’s organs actually functioning. X-rays are passed through the body and received by an image intensifier. The image intensifier converts the X-rays to a visible image on a monitor. Fluoroscopy is used as a diagnostic tool and in medical procedures to guide instruments through the body. 

Fluoroscopy equipment usually consists of a table with an X-ray tube mounted beneath it. An image intensifier, which receives X-rays after they have passed through the body, is suspended above the table. The image intensifier is connected to a monitor where the video fluoroscopy (motion X-ray) can be watched. Patients lie on the open table during the exam. Because fluoroscopy uses low-dose X-rays, the amount of radiation used during a fluoroscopy exam is minimal. X-rays are potentially harmful to a developing fetus. Please tell your doctor and your radiologist if you think you may be pregnant. 

Greensboro Radiology technician administering a diagnostic fluoroscopy X-ray 

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